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DECOOL 68005-68013 Three Kingdoms Fangtou CreatorBy the way, I got up a bit late today,

So I didn’t eat breakfast,

Just eat lunch.

However, due to the need to catch the high-speed rail,

So I was a little busy,

I didn’t do the most important thing every day in advance,

Then something happened…


I am used to drinking a cup of coffee every morning,

I don’t know what’s in it,

You must go to the bathroom soon after drinking.

I didn’t eat breakfast today,

Coffee is postponed.

After eating lunch,

I directly asked Didi to take me to the station,

Just when the car arrived and I wanted to leave,

Suddenly I felt a “strength” coming out of my body,

But in my “experience”,

It should be ok to endure the 50 minutes to the station,

Then just pretend to get in the car as if nothing had happened.

Soon after getting in the car,

It feels a bit wrong,

“Slow Jin” quickly changed to “Hurricane”,

I can only see what groups can chat for a day on my phone,

Distract a bit,

Unexpectedly, after brushing it several times, there is no signal!

What is this tm!

Asked the driver,

He actually told me


Without any choice,

I asked the driver,

Can you give me some music?

He said nothing,

The happy ones came and played this song for me

The Yangtze River is rolling eastwardYang Hongji-Romance of the Three Kingdoms TV Series Original Soundtrack- DECOOL
I don’t know you,
Why are you playing with me like this?
(This is why I use the Romance of the Three Kingdoms in my pictures today!)
Fortunately at this time,
The network is back!
“Ji Jin” began to slow down at this time,
The situation is back under my control.
Very smoothly,
The station is right in front of you,
I got out of the car with a triumphant look,
Thinking of waiting for a moment to finally be liberated,
The corners of his mouth raised unexpectedly.
After pitting,
After safe picking up,
I went straight to the destination.
There just happens to be an empty space!
This is not God helping me too!
But I am not complacent,
And remain vigilant,
Look around first,
Sure enough, there is no paper!
Fortunately, I usually have a bag in my backpack.
But just in case,
It will be more stable to find out first before starting.
Unexpectedly, I searched it a few times but couldn’t find it!
Only at this critical juncture?
I immediately flushed out of the toilet compartment,
See if there is any deposit in the place where you wash your hands,
But seeing the “true director” sitting there with a look of seeing through everything,
I knew it was out of play.
What if there is no paper?
There should be a convenience store at the station, right?
Isn’t it enough to buy a pack?
Maybe I’m too optimistic,
I found it,
In addition to selling food here,
Still eat…
So I decided to continue to endure,
Endure to the last place,
On the high-speed rail,
I don’t believe that there will be no paper in such a long high-speed rail!
But my good habit of getting to the station early became the biggest obstacle at this time.
30 minutes!
At this time, I unexpectedly came up with a bold idea:
Take a massage chair to distract yourself
Like that,
I started.
I chose the 10-minute mode,
It started.
Also started my saddest 10 minutes!
It turned out to be a hell to endure while having a massage!
In a relaxed state,
Still have to keep your sphincter tight,
It is the biggest torture of modern people…
Now I don’t know what the expression is,
I only saw the uncle sitting across from looking at me like this
Why on earth do I have such dangerous thoughts?
Did you endure mental confusion?
10 minutes later,
I was in a trance like an unyielding minister who had endured various tortures and confessions,
Looking forward to blowing the horn of my salvation,
Can check the ticket into the station broadcast.
At this time I feel that I have reached the limit,
The “Brother Muscle” who guarded the last line of defense has sent a signal to surrender.
Fortunately, my most anticipated voice is here!
Without a word, I went straight to the train!
at last,
I came to heaven!
Clean toilet compartment!
But at this moment, I still don’t indulge in the joy of about to win,
I still have to check if there is any paper…
There is no paper again!
What happened today!
Usually there are so many papers pouring out,
No one now?
I immediately cleaned up the softness,
Rush to the next grid!
Sure enough, the victory belongs to our army!
Everything before is not important anymore!
At this moment I want to relax completely!
arrive home,
I immediately picked up the following set,
To commemorate this unforgettable experience~
That’s right!
It is the square head of the Three Kingdoms series from Diku!
There are 9 models in this batch. It seems that the characters have no fixed routines, and they all belong to…
Like the Journey to the West series, the side of the box also has this comic style.
Each set has the following things.
There are series of pictures that have been published so far on the back of the manual.
It is worth mentioning that all the golden parts in this set are sprayed with gold, which is very sincere!
The shape of the Three Kingdoms series is taller than the original square head, maybe it is to restore the setting of 3 meters high in the romance.图片
All characters have a base and exclusive nameplate printing.
68006-Diao Chan
I didn’t know why her clothes looked like hanbok, but later I discovered that the original version of these shapes was from a Korean moc god…
There are so many valuable pieces of gold spray!
The arm is a printed part.
68007-Dong Zhuo
A model with 349 parts, it is hard to imagine that this is a square head boy!
This set of widened clip pieces appeared for the first time, and the difference can be clearly seen from the eyebrows and mouth in the picture below.
Special spray gold parts.
The most special thing is the waist.
68009-Sima Yi
68010-Sun Quan
The only one with blue eyes in the whole set.
68011-Emperor Xian
A character who is generally forgotten by fans of the Three Kingdoms图片
68012-Xu Chu
The fat man’s nameplate is printed with a wrong character!
The only character that uses a turntable to connect the head图片
Is it possible to restore the punch of the Fire Cloud Cthulhu in the movie “Kung Fu”?
68013-Zhuge Liang
Let’s take a photo with a full set of 9 models~



 to sum up 
Using a different ratio from the general square head, the most direct thing is to increase the number of parts. The appearance is not too contradictory, plus the exclusive base, it feels very tall!
The most attractive thing is the gold-sprayed pieces, the effect is very good, and the killing of meat is also very valuable.
In terms of parts, 99% are produced by [High Brick], so the quality has been guaranteed, but I have to say that the bite is really tight…


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