227 - DECOOL

Review DECOOL 3119 Turbo Track Racing

Today I’m going to review DECOOL 3119 Turbo Track Racing DECOOL 3119 Turbo Track Racing Then we don’t have much to say Let’s start! ◬ This blue car is not based on physical racing   ◬ There are five packages of parts, no number, please remember to separate!   ◬ The manual is super thick, […]

276 - DECOOL

Review DECOOL 20014 Ninjutsu Training Ground

The first step to becoming a top-notch ninja is to train hard. Will naughty ninjas train obediently without the supervision of Master Wu? DECOOL 20014 Ninjutsu Training Ground  brings us the answer. Number of building blocks: 109 Number of people: 2 Release Date: August 2017 Appreciation of Minifigures The suit contains two minifigures, Kai and Zan each […]

275 - DECOOL

Review DECOOL 20016 Master Ninja Battle of Destiny

To defeat the biggest threat to Ninja City, the ninjas need to return to the original jungle to find the answer. But what Master Wu didn’t expect was that Jiamandu had already waited for an opportunity and had a fight with him on the single-plank bridge. Let’s Review DECOOL 20016 Master Ninja Battle of Destiny. Complete […]

274 - DECOOL

Review DECOOL 20015 Ninja City Chase

The reason is that I will buy DECOOL 20015 Ninja City Chase in the future Although this model does not seem to have a high degree of relevance to the 20015 Destiny Bounty of the previous evaluation. But I really like the design of the “three jumpers”!   I don’t know if you have ever […]

273 - DECOOL

Review DECOOL 70217 Frozen: Aisha’s Magical Ice Castle

Hello, everyone, today’s DECOOL 70217 Frozen: Aisha’s Magical Ice Castle, a little girl’s evaluation, brought by the editor’s daughter   The second part of my daughter’s evaluation, because the editor’s wallet is limited, I usually don’t buy DECOOL for my daughter, so my daughter doesn’t do much evaluation, hehe. The daughter (5 years old) did it […]

272 - DECOOL

Review DECOOL 3115 Future Aircraft

 I want to introduce to you today is like an artifact. It’s DECOOL 3115 Future Aircraft   △ This set of 3115, launched in 2015 by DECOOL, is out of print at present, but the increase is not very large (the sale price is 24.99 US dollars, the domestic price is 249 yuan). It contains […]

271 - DECOOL

Review DECOOL 3110 Supercar

Today I will Review DECOOL 3110 Supercar . It can be seen from the box photo that the icon 23 changed to gold The back shows 23 kinds of change icons, the main forms are the above 3 kinds, and the remaining 20 kinds need to download drawings online inner box The instructions are printed […]

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