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DECOOL (Jisi) is the #1 brand of Shantou Chenghai Decool Plastic Toys LTD. a leading manufacturer of building blocks and metal toys in China. With 11 years experiences, DECOOL is equipped with topnotch testing facilities and proper technical force. We have a wide range of block toys products, each with high quality, reasonable prices, and stylish designs. Their wide usage satisfies the educational needs of children as well as the demands of various industries. They are popularly recognized and trusted by users .

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Decool Factory and Showroom

  • Decool block mode to play Decool is an enrichment years experience in business, with advanced production equipment and superb technical level, it is to form a certain scale, in the peer has been well received!
  • The factory introduces innovative new product development methods and independently researches and develops. According to market conditions and user needs, in view of the existing problems of the original products, fundamentally explore the level and structure of the products, and conduct research on new technologies, new materials and new processes.
  • On this basis, new products with the characteristics of the company are developed, especially new and updated products or brand-new products, with a wide variety of products.
  • Decool block have always pursued the production and management policy of “pragmatically forge ahead, reputation first, determined to innovate, and win by quality”. Over the years, the products have been sold all over the world, and are well received by countries and regions in Europe, South America, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc.
  • Sincerely invite customers from all over the world, customers of high quality often come! We sincerely welcome friends at home and abroad to order and cooperate to create a better future togethers

An overview of Decool Block

  • Along with the trend of developing safe, educational toys that help children develop their minds, Decool focuses on the research and production of Lego compatible puzzles for children over 5 years old with Good quality, cheap price – affordable. 
  • Decool assemblies are sold around the world and are rated among the top among Lego Clone makers and are only inferior to genuine Lego. It’s very unfortunate that Decool is slow to update new puzzles. 
  • We, Decool Blockintroduce and retail Decool’s latest Lego-compatible jigsaw puzzles with the cheapest price for consumers.
  • Decool also distributes, wholesales and wholesales to agents who need a rich, stable and well-priced source of toys.

Decool Store catalogs

  • Lepin assembly jigsaw patterns include pre-existing Lego themes such as: Lego Creator, Lego City, Lego Nexo Knights, Lego Ninjago, Lego Heroes Factory, Lego Super Heroes, Lego Technic.
  • In addition, Decool has a few special themes that genuine Lego does not have such as Lego Military – Lego Army, Lego Pokemon.

Characteristic of Decool assembled toy box

The outer box of the assembled jigsaw was designed and built by Decool in a built-in fashion – different from Lego. The box is also made of cardboard, prints very nice, coated with glossy nylon. The following information is printed on the box: 
  • Brand name and Logo of company
  • the right age to play
  • number of pieces (number of blocks)
  • code of the product 
  • photos of the product model after completing assembly under many angles
  • Small photo depicts the real size of the model
  • Product name is translated into many languages
  • Warnings prohibit children under 3 from playing (due to many small pieces) in many languages
  • hazard icons for children under 3 years old, reusable product icons, logos of CE, CCC quality standards

How to package Decool assembled toys

  • The assemblies are large, the product box has many small carton boxes inside to divide the assembled puzzle bags.
  • The small and medium assemblies have a carton compartment inside to separate the assembled bags and keep the box nice.
  • The jigsaw assemblies are relatively large, the product box includes a plastic handle for easy transport.
  • Large assembled blocks (such as base plate, boat frame, mast, wheel …) are placed directly inside the product carton box. 
  • The rest of the assembled puzzles are packed in a machine-torn nylon bag. These bags are numbered with the Decool product set number. This job is equivalent to genuine Lego.

Characteristics of Decool assembly puzzles

  • The colors of the Decool assembly puzzle are amazingly beautiful, pure, impeccable! Color quality topped the charts and comparable to genuine Lego.
  • Decool assembly blocks made of pure ABS plastic are safe for children, no harmful substances, durable under physical effects (cars running through the stars), fast color with time and temperature ( hot water washing is okay) similar to genuine Lego.
  • The puzzle pieces, blocks of the same size, plastic thickness, are completely mixed and compatible, completely mixed with Lego with a shiny surface, no excess plastic, no sharp edges.
  • At the bottom of each piece of plastic, the block of plastic is embossed with the manufacturer’s block code.
  • The high-precision dimensions of the Decool assembly are a top favorite among prime Lego. This is required for the large Lego models to be firmly assembled.

Features of Decool’s assembly guide

  • Usually bound in the style of binding with glue at the back of the neck looks very beautiful and professional.
  • Print in full color
  • For large assemblies, the outer cover of the guide is coated with glossy nylon.

Reviews on Decool by expert

  • Has the highest quality of any Lego builders. Some people even commented, it is completely possible to assign the Lego label to this product: D
  • Decool was rated for outstanding quality by the Lego-style jigsaw community
  • In terms of looks and packaging accuracy: Decool outperforms all other brands, only losing to genuine Lego
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